Footwear & Accessories top online fashion searches

Consumer online searches for shoes & accessories outperformed those for womenswear, menswear and even dresses, reveals the latest fashion-related search data from Greenlight.

According to the research, " Fashion Sector Report - Issue 18 ," in June, consumers made 11.8 million searches on Google UK for fashion wear, up on March's 10.3 million.

Shoes & accessories accounted for 34% of those queries (over 4 million), 9% of which were made using mobile devices and 25% on laptops.

The keywords 'shoes' and 'watches' were the two most queried footwear & accessories-related terms attracting 143,100 and 63,000 searches, respectively.

Greenlight's report also showed keywords used to look for shoes & accessories online, varied by device.

For example, 'wedges' was one of the ten most queried keywords via mobile devices but not on desktops.  Also, whilst 'accessories' featured in the top 10 searches on desktops, it was not so in the case of mobile devices.

Other findings from the report show that of the 8.5 million searches using laptops for fashion-related keywords, 'prom dresses' was post popular. Of the 3.3 million made via mobile devices, 'dresses' was the term that topped the bill.

Greenlight's report also ranked the most prominent sites based on their visibility to searches. was the most visible retailer for searches on both desktops and mobile devices. In the case of the former, it attained a 33% share of visibility in the natural listings* and 62%** in the paid listings. In the latter, it secured 50% and 62%, respectively

Ebay was the most visible brand in Greenlight's social media analysis.

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