Consumer searches for Insurance at their highest

Consumer online searches for insurance have been at their highest yet this year, reveals the latest report from leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

Greenlight's " Insurance Sector Report - Issue 17" profiles consumer search behavior and the most popular keywords used when they went to Google UK  in July to look for health, pet, home, travel and motor insurance. The report reveals total search volumes by sector and the most visible sites to searchers.

According to the research, search volumes for insurance peaked in July, totaling 3.2 million, up by 1.3 million on February's level, when they were at their lowest for the year.

Totaling 1.7 million, the motor insurance sub-sector accounted for the majority (53%) of queries.

The travel insurance segment followed, making up a 28% share of all insurance-related searches with the three most queried terms being 'travel insurance', 'holiday insurance' and 'cheap travel insurance'.

10% (338,620) of consumer internet searches for insurance in July pertained to home insurance and the rise of the "accidental landlord", compliments of the new generation of buy-to-let property owners, looks to have impacted trends in this category.

Whilst household/home insurance terms dominated, cumulatively accounting for 40% of queries, those pertaining to landlord insurance accounted for 12%, a far greater share when compared to buildings insurance-related queries. Combined, they made up just 4% of home insurance-related searches.

Greenlight's research found was the most visible website for insurance overall, achieving an 84% and 70% share of voice in the organic and paid listings, respectively. However, it did not dominate in all sub-sectors.

In the natural listings for example, and topped Greenlight's league tables charting the most visible sites for the health and pet insurance categories, respectively. In the paid listings, was the most visible site for home insurance only. meanwhile was the most visible in social media.

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