Who should own your social media monitoring?

A faulty product, a controversial policy, a rude response from a member of staff can all these can be discussed online. Your brand is open to the elements, be it via Twitter, blogs, hate groups, Facebook, or through search engine results pages. This is also true of good things too: competitions, promotions, positive financial results, and more.

Social media amplifies all these conversations, positive and negative, giving them visibility and allowing people to contribute to them.

These conversations become forces for change in their own right. They might be positive or negative, serious or jocular, defensible or catastrophic. Social media management and optimisation allows you to be present in each relevant conversation, contributing where necessary, being generous where required, and being apologetic if it's the right thing to do.

Quite simply, social media monitoring is the utilisation of spidering and indexing technologies to identify what's being said and by whom about you, your brand or your products or services online in near real time.

PR agencies, full service media agencies, social media pure plays, search agencies and client-side teams are all staking claim to social media monitoring, but who should really be responsible for it?  Read more here


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