Using podcasts to boost search engine rankings

Lately, podcasts have been quite a hot topic, with 58% of podcasts' listeners spending one to five hours each week listening to podcasts, according to Edison research. As such, being a guest on a podcast can be a very powerful SEO tactic to boost your ranking and build your reputation and brand. If done strategically, it can also be a useful SEO content marketing tactic to improve rankings and potentially attract new customers too.

Being a guest on a podcast

In order to be successful, you need to be an interview-worthy guest, so it's key to work on building both your personal brand and its image and tone. Consider optimising your bio to show off your expertise and highlight key events or experience that could be an interesting talking point. Furthermore, make your bio and creds visible (this is where social media can help!), and openly share any podcast work you've previously done. This will not only help podcast producers find you but will entice them to want to work with you too.

Choosing the right podcast for you

When looking for a podcast to be a guest on, look for ones with plenty of subscribers and for hosts that do a good job of promoting their show, as this will help garner more SEO benefits. Also make a list of topic areas within your remit that you can cover during the interviews, keeping it broad enough so you're able to reach and resonate with a larger, yet relevant, target audience.

Think about your audience

It's worth doing your research to make sure any podcasts you want to guest on are being listened to by your target audience. While not every interview you do needs to relate to your niche, you should be comfortable with your topic and make sure it wouldn't alienate any existing fans or followers. Stay open-minded, and you'll be able to reach new audiences and increase your following. To illustrate my point, imagine you're an SEO and are considering guesting on a podcast that's for restaurant owners; this could be a relevant opportunity to talk about how restaurants can optimise their Google My Business (GMB) listing by adding menus to it. While the link may not seem directly obvious, the theme around the SEOs area of expertise is being pulled in and will resonate well with the audience as they're likely to appreciate the tip.


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