Using data insights to fuel digital strategy: Introducing PRISM

In early 2017, Forbes Insights and EY uncovered that only 45% of business leaders make use of data analytics during their decision-making processes and when developing strategies. More interestingly, the study found that of the businesses that had the highest growth rates in revenues and profits, 75% noted they relied on data for the majority of their decisions. The poorest performers, on the other hand, infrequently relied on data.

It's evident that unique data insights are highly valuable to businesses, and deliver real impact and results when used to inform strategies and high-level decisions. We've long heralded the importance of using data to underpin digital campaigns and long-term strategies, and of the value of having a single customer view and a clear understanding of exactly who brands' most valuable audiences are, to get the most out of digital activity and to inform highly-targeted strategies.

The solution: PRISM

We decided to tackle this head on, which led to the development of Greenlight PRISM Insights. It was created in order to improve the visualisation of our data management platform's (DMP) analysis. By creating a single customer view of information, PRISM provides a clear and accurate dashboard of audience data. The tool integrates with data from different sources and offers advanced audience insights, analytics and segmentation functionality, facilitating content personalisation and the optimisation of creative messaging. PRISM is fully customisable, and can display an unlimited number of verticals and graphs. We use it internally for campaign planning, post-campaign analysis, audience analytics for prospecting, and as a content development planning tool. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we're looking to broaden the data points offered within the platform, and eventually to develop it further so it can become a tool which clients can use to access audience analytics on the go.


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