Unwrap our top tips to get your digital marketing strategy ready ahead of #Christmas12

Hot on the heels of its Christmas Conference last week, Greenlight has unveiled an interactive Digital Advent Calendar loaded with insightful tips, as part of our drive to give digital marketers and brands a head start with their Christmas 2012 strategy so their campaigns are underway in time for the festive season.

Greenlight's Digital Advent Calendar consists of ten boxes each filled with tips. One is unlocked daily to reveal practical insights and recommendations around Social Media, internet advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Don't have an SEO Nightmare

Described on Twitter as being 'catchy and pertinent', day one of Greenlight's Digital Advent Calendar kicked-off on Monday 9 July, showing a lively animated SEO Nightmare jingle (Matt Cutts is coming to town), with a 'Don't Spam' tip and the consequences of doing so.

Take your business mobile

Out of day two's unlocked box popped a piece by Google's Anuj Ghaghada, Industry Analyst (Retail Team), with insight on the emergence of the 'nonline' shopper and how mobile has fundamentally changed the way consumers shop.  In keeping with the theme, on day three, Ben Mckeown, lead designer at Greenlight, revealed tips on how to take your business mobile.

How to use Pinterest for your brand - Top tips in 10 minutes

With Pinterest proving the latest flame on the social media circuit, day four's envelope opened with a webinar divulging lots of practical and easy to implement ideas to use the platform to the brands best advantage.

The five top tips for a successful SEO Christmas

Today, sees us half way through the Advent calendar and for day five, Adam Bunn, Director of SEO at Greenlight brings you some short and snappy "must do's" to get your #Christmas12 SEO on track.  As he puts it: "SEO takes 3-6 months to take effect egro, to be on the safe side, SEO for Christmas keywords should start in July.

Prizes prizes and more prizes

To get marketers into the Christmas spirit, Greenlight is also giving away amazing prizes daily, including iPads, Nespresso machines and iPhones. Winners are announced on Greenlight's Twitter page @GreenlightMKTG every day at 16:30 BST.

It isn't too late to get signed-up

Greenlight's Digital Advent Calendar runs until 20th July 2012 so there's another five days packed with more bite sized bits of information to get you prepped for #Christmas12 and five chances to win yourselves a prize.

To sign up to these and more tips plus a chance to win, go to http://www.greenlightdigital.com/digitaladventcalendar/ and select the latest unlocked box.

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