Twitter's rumoured phase out of hashtags and @ replies of no surprise

Reports abound that Twitter is planning on getting rid of hashtags and @ replies.

While I think it unlikely that Twitter would entirely do away with something so integral to its functionality, it comes as no surprise that it is trying to streamline communications to allow for less user error. One full stop or @ out of place currently, and your message is lost.

However, in my view, the bigger message here could be related to content, and a way of Twitter better regulating the content that @replies and @mentions contain.

Twitter is perhaps going the way of Facebook, where all brand content will need to meet certain criteria before being posted to the other user's feed.

If anything, I read this as a way of better targeting conversations on Twitter, rather than an attempt to narrow or restrict them.

As for the concerns around hashtags. Again, this is unsurprising given how prevalent hashtags have become in Social Media use, far beyond Twitter.

Perhaps they are going to be more closely moderated such that content will need to qualify to use a given hashtag - or there will be filters within hashtags to allow for irrelevant or spam content to be weeded out.

All will be revealed…

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