These five topics will increase your social shares and improve your outreach

Neil Patel recently carried out analysis of his own social sharing metrics using Buzzsumo. The results were simultaneously underwhelming and superbly actionable.

It turns out the top five most shared topics are:

Productivity hacking

Advice on how your readers can improve their output and get more done is a sure-fire way to get them sharing. In his analysis, Patel suggests that people share this kind of content because they can vouch that it's useful.

I'd go a step further and say people share it because they want to appear productive themselves, even if they aren't. It's aspirational content, which leads neatly to:


Would you rather look at a picture of a tropical island, or a spreadsheet?

Enough said.

Travel content is the most interesting because there's so much you can talk about; from culture and history to cuisines and tourist spots.

Obviously, travel isn't relevant to every brand, but where there's a will, there's a way - so here are some quick travel tie-ins for different verticals:

  • Technology: How to stay connected abroad
  • Gaming or gambling: How to live like a high roller in Europe's top travel spots
  • Baby products: How to keep your kids safe in the sun


Yet more aspirational content! There aren't many among us who wouldn't like to be fitter and healthier. And there aren't many of us who wouldn't like to appear fit and healthy either.

Creating content focused on ways people can make the most of their workout is a great way to get your brand seen on social. And, as there's a new trend or fad emerging every day, there's always a fresh angle to take.

Getting what you want in life

The most searched two-word phrase in the world is 'how to'. So, if you're producing content which tells people 'how to' then you're much more likely to see organic traffic arriving on your page.

If the content is truly useful (and why wouldn't it be? You're the expert after all), then it will earn more visibility and more shares - and be a lot more appealing to anyone else writing about the topic who needs a good resource to link to.


Top five topics for social shares


People want to earn more money, have more money, and save money. If your product or service can relate to a way to stop spending money unnecessarily, then you're on to a winner.


While I'm sure few are surprised that people want to make more money faster and look good in their holiday photos, these recent findings validate top content types for social media. So, it's worth bearing these topics in mind next time you're stuck for ideas in a brainstorm. At the top-level, they're vague enough to fit almost any industry - and by focusing on these five topics, you'll have a much higher chance of success when it comes to earning shares on social media.

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