Is Social Media the dawn of a more inclusive era in high fashion?

Social Media has thrown open the world of the fashion elite for all to see, writes Greenlight's head of Social Media (client facing), Rowan Grace Evans.

In an article for the Fashion Edition of the agency's latest magazine, Evans points out that much like the MTV revolution of the 1980s, where no new release was complete without a TV extravaganza, fashion shows are now nothing without a digital element or a socially enabled hook. And the ideas get more inventive year on year.

"Socialising fashion coverage is a powerful way to uncover further layers of the fashion world, beyond simple images of the latest collection. From behind the scenes action to interviews with designers, social content allows fans and followers to build a much wider picture of the fashion process.

"Fashion on Social is no longer window shopping, it's a fully participative pastime, furthering Social Media as a vital route to market for online fashion retailers.

Fashion is alive to social communities. As consumers within those communities, we now have the power, previously reserved for fashion editors, to choose the styles of engagement that most suit us, as much as we do the style of the collections."

The full article is available here for download.

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