Social Media: 5 tips to forge good ties with customers and attract more followers

In the 24/7 world 'office hours' don't really apply when it comes to business interactions on Social Media platforms. These  5 tips will help keep you in check and together with fostering good ties with your audience, will attract more followers your way. 

Engage don't broadcast

The essence of social should be based on a conversation and that involves listening as well as speaking. Brands that simply broadcast their message and never take time to interact with their followers are unlikely to grow an active social community. Next time you create content for your social channels, why not tone down the sales speak and ask a few questions of your followers instead?  Listening to what they have to say might just be the key to your next campaign or product launch.

Be present and ready to connect

There is an expectation of frequency with social engagement, and in the 24 hour world we live in 'office hours' don't really apply. Your follower numbers will grow if you show consistency in your messages and are ready to reply in real time when they have a question, or, even more importantly, a complaint. No one likes to feel they are talking to an empty room. If you leave your followers hanging you can expect to see them disappear.

Create conversation beyond your core offering

Your customers may come to your social platforms because of your core product or service but they will stay a lot longer, and come back more regularly if you are providing content that speaks to their wider interests. By showing you understand what makes them tick and sharing tips, advice and comment on a wider aspect of their lifestyle, you will become an integral part of their online activity. And who knows - they may even tell their friends.

Remember your customers are your best marketing tool

Everyone loves social proof, and your satisfied customers are your biggest brand advocates. Give them more reasons to talk to and about you and you will see your follower numbers grow. Loyalty schemes, competitions and giveaways are all great ways to keep your biggest fans coming back for more and don't be afraid to ask them what they thought of your latest offering.

Don't under estimate the power of the shared experience

Your social followers all have at least one thing in common - they like you, and what you have to offer. Finding ways to get those customers sharing that passion with each other as well as you, is sure fire way to boost your social engagement. Everyone loves the opportunity to share their latest purchase, a key piece of information or their 'eureka' moment. By giving your customers the platform to share with each other, you will share in the reflected engagement.

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