Prepare your shopping activity for the holiday season with Google’s new metrics

Just in time for the holiday season, Google is adding new reporting metrics to help retailers optimise their Shopping activity. The metrics will show how often Shopping and inventory ads are in the prime placement position (i.e. the far-left spot, which, according to Google can command three times more engagement on mobile), in which case those impressions are coined 'absolute top impressions'. This level of visibility is a marked step in the right direction as, previously, advertisers only had impression share to consider when optimising visibility for Shopping campaigns, which didn't give any indication of the position at which ads were being shown. And, much like impression share, the absolute top impression share will let advertisers know how many of the possible top impressions they receive (it's calculated as follows: absolute top impression share = absolute top impressions / total eligible top impressions). The metric is available for campaigns, ad groups and product groups, however it's not yet available for showcase ads.

Knowing how often your ad is sitting in the top left position could change the way you optimise your bids completely. As such, Google recommends breaking out top products or sales items into their own product group and upping the bids for these if you need to boost the top impression share. Furthermore, the metric can also be used to adjust bid modifiers for devices, which will help when it comes to optimising across devices.

However, it's worth noting that low absolute top impression share (ATIS) isn't necessarily an indicator of a budget problem; ad quality is still a very important factor for Shopping. Low ATIS could be an indicator of issues in your the feed, such as low-quality images, poor headlines or descriptions, or incorrect global trade item numbers (GTINS), to name a few.

Absolute impression share is already available in the new AdWords interface, and is a great weapon when preparing Shopping activity for peak trading seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas. As is the case with paid search, it's unlikely that advertisers will want to bid for the top spot across all products and categories, in which instance the new metric will allow clearer insights into product group visibility and indicate valuable opportunities within the competitive space. 

Prepare your shopping activity for the holiday season with Google's new metrics


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