Net Neutrality

Search Engine Google and Verizon, a leading internet service provider and formerly one of the AT&T Bell companies, are close to finalising a deal which would facilitate Verizon's being able to speed online content to internet users more quickly, if the content's creators are willing to pay for it. The idea that some sites, through paying a fee (or other) to Verizon, can gain priority and run faster than others has backers. It also has its share of critics and protestors, all of who perceive such an arrangement as going against the ethic of Net Neutrality. Andreas Pouros, Chief Operating Officer at Greenlight, a UK-based independent search and social marketing agency, examines the extent to which it can be claimed that what currently exists is truly in keeping with the ethos of neutrality. According to Pouros, Google has two challenges, one of which is legislative, the other reputational and the search industry is watching....

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