Introducing marketing techniques to site pages

The marketing sector is very goal-oriented, and there are plenty of useful engagement tricks which marketers use to stand out from all the noise that bombards users online. Very subtle changes in content and visuals can have a huge impact, and there are plenty of engagement techniques that digital marketers can apply when it comes to product pages - here are my top seven.

Define your audience

Drew Davis once said that "you can't be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone". The point here is that creating a personalised experience is important; your tone of voice, choice of words, how direct or indirect you are, and your branding and assets should all be created with your audience in mind.

Communicate value

Make your content all about what people want. Present the facts in a way that connects and relates to people's daily lives and desires. Be specific and honest about your product, and what problems you can solve for people.

Be minimal

Everyone is busy these days, there's no time for complicated and long descriptions. There's also little tolerance for cluttered and hard to read pages, so minimalism goes a long way, both in terms of communications and visual design.

Make them care

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it". Simon Sinek's statement rings very true when it comes to branding; seek to inspire people to adopt, embrace and advocate your product. Show them how much you care, so they too can care. Connect your vision with their values, and make them feel like they're part of a community.

Support their decision

People will look to justify their emotional decisions with logical arguments, and it's at this stage, the decision-making process, that it's ideal to highlight the benefits and value of your offering. Remember to present the facts in a visible, beautiful and easy to read way.

Show them

People naturally mimic others. Organise your information into digestible chunks, and go the extra mile to illustrate or animate it. Clarify processes where needed, and highlight what other people say about it.

Be relevant and actionable

Connect with users through channels that are relevant to them, and choose appropriate timings and valuable topics to emphasise your focus on their needs. You don't have to use sophisticated language, or over-the-top graphics - just focus on creating memorable interactions that leave users wanting to connect with your brand.

Audience-first is key

Having a valuable and easy-to-use product isn't enough for people to actually buy or use it. Therefore, it's important to be able to communicate your value and connect with people in a personalised manner.

Your goal is to craft engaging pages with clear calls-to-action; do this by being direct, minimal and specific. Remind users what they need, show them what's special about your product or service and support their decision with facts.


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