Greenlight Research - White Goods pulled in nearly 1m consumer online searches in the lead up to Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas, white goods attracted 957,000 consumer searches on, according to the latest quarterly report, ' White Goods - Issue 11', by Greenlight. Dishwasher and laundry products had close to 364,000 UK consumer searches, making up a third of the total number of white-goods related queries.

Greenlight's report profiles search behaviour in the white goods sector. It analyses which brands, retailers and review sites were the most visible in both natural and paid media results and therefore had the greatest share of consideration when UK consumers searched for white goods on Google UK. The report also assesses which brands interacted well on social media networks.

Overall, Greenlight's analysis established that in November:

  • The search term 'washing machines' was most queried (49,500 times), and accounted for 5 per cent of all searches made for white goods
  • Searches for dishwasher and laundry products accounted for over 38 per cent  of all searches made for white goods online, proving to  be most popular
  • Comet was the mostvisible website in the natural search listings, achieving a 68 per cent share of voice. It was visible to a volume of 648,374 white goods-related searches
  • Appliances Online was the most visible advertiser, achieving a 79 per cent share of visibility in the paid media space
  • Of the brands analysed in Greenlight's social media analysis, Amazon was the most visible,

achieving a Klout score of 65. Samsung had the largest number of followers on its Facebook account, just under 5,500,000

  • Appliances Online featured at the top of Greenlight's integrated search league table, as it attained a sizeable share of visibility in both the natural search and paid media space


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