Get the most out of Ad Sitelinks

In November 2009 Google formally announced its AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative, highlighting it as Google's next chapter in search advertising, and a major focus for AdWords in 2010. The aim being to deliver new ad models, with richer information, in the most useful format to the end user.

Over a testing period with a select group of advertisers, searchers will have noticed numerous variations of the traditional sponsored text ad in Google's search engine results pages. They have included video, images, maps, product listings, comparison ads and additional links.

One of the more popular formats proved to be Ad Sitelinks. Similar to extra links seen in natural listings, these allow for additional links to be placed within a sponsored ad, targeting pages deeper in a site, thus making the landing pages more relevant to the searcher/viewer.

In June, Google rolled out Ad Sitelinks to all advertisers, whilst adding an extra one-line format. As such, even more advertisers will be eligible to run sitelinks within their campaigns.The benefits of this highly adopted ad extension include:

-          Greater visibility and brand defence, a chance to steer the click away from the competition

-          Increased landing relevancy and better visitor segmentation, key to gaining better quality traffic and improving conversion rates

-          Displaying special offers, additional promotional messaging

-          Ability to use symbols in Sitelinks

-          Higher click through rates

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