Clients should have automatic right to IP

In last week's Marketing Week VCCP Search claimed to be the first agency to offer clients intellectual property rights, increasing transparency of search accounts. 

First and foremost, I totally agree with the need for transparency within the search industry and am pleased that VCCP Search has decided to pass on the intellectual property rights to their clients, if and when they decide to move on. However, the idea that this is a first in the industry is ludicrous. At Greenlight, we have been doing this since our launch in 2001 and client retention of IP rights forms part of all contracts.

In keeping their IP rights, clients maintain the Quality Score associated with their search campaigns, saving the client and the new agency a great deal of work.The Quality Score itself is saved centrally on the account, making it imperative that the physical account is transferred when moving agencies. In addition, an incumbent agency has nothing to gain from not passing on this information to the client and will actually be doing them a great disservice in withholding it.

This now needs to become best practice amongst all search agencies, as this is a move that can only be good for the industry.

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