Clients get the search (advertising) they deserve

David Ogilvy once said "clients get the advertising they deserve".

My opening quote is from Ogilvy's seminal 'Confessions of an advertising man' within which he covered various examples, 'confessions', in support of that quote.

Having been COO of a search agency for each of the last 10 years, I can tell you with some authority that Ogilvy's quote is as true in the digital specialisms of SEO, PPC and Social Media as it is in the broader advertising discipline. So it is perhaps fitting that I illustrate the same but focusing on search advertising, with some of my own.

 I believe there are three prerequisites that must be satisfied to deliver a successful search campaign and, perhaps, any advertising campaign, regardless of medium:

- You need the services of a competent agency which can bring the experience, strategic insight and resources to move quickly and proficiently towards your goals.

- As a client you need to be honest about your limitations; the utility of your product, your budgets, your internal resources and your financial and political challenges. Only then is the strategy employed likely to work.

- A relationship that is based on respect and not fear is paramount - people do their best work when they want to, not when they are coerced.

All these prerequisites are satisfied by the client, not the agency. The client selects an agency, communicates to the agency what they are working with, and defines the civility of the relationship. But once the client has satisfied these criteria, practically everything else is down to the agency.  Read more here


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