Can Fashion stay still for SEO?

Because of fashion's transient nature, writing a press release around the subject can seem redundant. Nevertheless, when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), where keywords are concerned, knowing where content is going is vital. For the copywriter, producing content that is both topical and driven by keywords becomes an artistic endeavour.

The planning and construction of press releases around keywords, in basic theory, goes against the grain of a newsworthy release and suggests a kind of conflict: how can the now in fashion be pinned down to a PR for later?

When writing for fashion, every copywriter must obey those guidelines gospel to every press release: stay newsworthy. 

With this in mind, it might be more useful to consider fashion as a character, rather than a subject.   Inquisitive by nature, fashion is constantly merging and meeting up with various Sub, Pop, Street and Catwalk cultures as a way of feeding itself.

Fashion - often condemned as vacuous, indulgent and superficial - can hold as much cultural significance as Art, Music and Literature, each borrowing from and influencing the other. What else so clearly soaks up every nuanced movement happening at street level and in social consciousness? 

The relationship between fashion and the people who wear it has always been mutually inclusive: fashion is those thinkers that bring it to life. B-Boy Fashion from New York in the 70s and 80s -its brightly-coloured sportswear and affordable, canvas trainers used to breakdance through Brooklyn with ease-  illustrates perfectly just how a street-level movement became elevated to iconic fashion status.

Fashion can both divide and unite, and in doing so maintains its newsworthy position: something in fashion is always happening. From season to season, trend to trend, fashion cycles say something worth writing about. It invites the writer to ask questions: for instance, why is there a current recall to 50s fashion, of Mad Men nostalgia? Does this movement reflect reassuringly traditional values in an uncertain modern world as well as an aesthetic love of bold prints and pearls?

In obvious addition to this, any news and data straight from the horse's mouth - The Brand- can and most emphatically does, form its own press release - one of many reasons why open dialogue with a client can be so valuable. To any fashion topic, brand voice adds a distinguished, authoritative stamp on industry news. The writer can helpfully make much use of client data within a news release, integrating it with changes in trends, celebrity-endorsed pieces and any other fashion-focused events in film, music and pop cultures. It gives the client a relevant voice within the wider industry and makes the press release a newsworthy one. 

In short, the right research can infuse any pre-planned content with topicality - with cultural relevance, brand authenticity and authorial stamp. The beauty of fashion is that as a character, its ever-shifting persona picks up ideas for the writer. The writer's job is then to make it related and relevant to the client, and seamlessly weave those keywords into something worth reading to make, in effect, the character a charismatic one.

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