B2B: Top tips for selling digital to a sceptical board

Perhaps one of the hardest questions facing any Social Media professional, either agency side or in-house, is what impact will this have on our bottom line?

While FMCG and B2C companies might be able to bridge this gap, as social referrals have a direct impact on sales, the B2B and Financial sector struggle to see the point of social.

However, there is an answer to this question.

Firstly, not taking Social Media seriously or not having a social presence is the equivalent of not turning up to a major industry event - your competitors are there, your customers are there, and the chances are they are going to be talking about you in your absence. The only way to determine what is said about you is to show up and take part in the conversation.

Secondly, for brands with a longer or more disjointed sales funnel, social is still a powerful brand and reputation tool, as almost every company wants to be seen as an expert in at least one field and Social Media allows you to share that expertise, if not your core product.

Social Media is unlikely to change the business or marketing model for B2B brands, however, should be seen as a credible route to market, as the customer who buys into your content and knowledge is more likely to ultimately buy into your product.

Top tips for selling digital to a sceptical board

  • Demonstrate competitor use
  • Make plain the benefit to the brand - Social media has no more or less attributable ROI than an ad in the FT, but we still do that!
  • Identify key influencers in your industry who use social (usually commentators or journalists)

Metrics to demonstrate ROI

  • Reach
  • Sentiment
  • Traffic referrals

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