A look at Celtx, the video production collaboration tool

Any video creative will tell you that far too much time, for their liking, is spent in pre-production, and that they'd rather be on-set with a camera on their shoulder. Even the smallest production can potentially have a daunting and time-consuming pre-production requirement.

That's where Celtx, an all-in-one tool for video planning, comes in handy, as it allows a creative team to write, breakdown, storyboard, schedule and budget a production, keeping everyone - clients included - collaboratively connected.

Scripting and breakdown

Everything starts with a script, and Celtx can provide all the script formatting you should need; including scenes, characters, dialogues, and actions - all auto-formatted at the push of a button. 

It can also break down each element of the script into its component categories. You can tag all the characters, camera actions, props, sound effects and wardrobe items, and then have a scene-by-scene breakdown listing everything you need to hand. Even for smaller productions, simply knowing who and what needs to be on set on which day is invaluable. This feature was a real a time-saver when filming Hotpoint Service videos, as we could easily see what prop or spare part was needed for every scene.


As someone that can't draw even the most basic shapes without it looking like a child's scrawl, storyboarding is often something I leave in more capable hands. Celtx allows you to drop in anything from professionally boarded images to rough in-camera mock ups. I also find it useful to add in 'shot blockers', to illustrate a top down view of how everything will be set up on the day.

Scheduling And Call Sheets

The two most important questions on any shoot are "What time do we have to get there at?" and "When do we eat?", which can be answered by the all-important call sheet. This can be pulled straight from a shooting schedule, which in turn is pulled from the breakdown, which is pulled from the script. Everything is in one place and linked together, viewable by everyone involved.

Overall, tools such as Celtx help ease some of the most challenging parts of the production, leaving you free to shoot, edit and deliver to the client on time and on budget - the easy bit, as any videographer will tell you.


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