A focus on Bing Shopping

A Focus On Bing Shopping

Shopping is an important channel for search engines to invest in; our sister company, FoundIt!, recently carried out a Google Shopping audit and found that "46% of shopping sessions are now starting their journey at the product level of a website than almost anywhere else, (which is) reflected across both desktop and mobile devices". Shopping is so important as its users have such high purchase intent, reflected in its high conversion rates, making it a key area for digital marketers to focus their attention on.

With the importance of Shopping being hammered home, developers over at Bing have clearly been busy trying to improve its current Shopping offering. This April, Bing launched three new, handy features for Shopping campaign success:

Inventory update feed: This gives advertisers the capability to add an additional feed to update key product attributes that may need to be updated on a regular basis. These attributes include changes to product prices, sale prices and availability. This feed can be updated manually via the Bing Merchant Centre or via FTP - and for our clients using Products Up, this is something we can process via the tool to save time.

Scheduled feed download: Schedules an automatic fetch from a URL; this is a leap in the right direction as previously there was only the option to either upload the feed manually, which is limited to files under 4MB per feed, or upload via FTP.

Search term report: This is a great new report to measure performance optimisation, allowing you to discover which key terms triggered your Shopping ads to help guide campaign optimisation and product title optimisation updates.

Over in the US, Bing is rolling out Merchant Promotions, which is a small 'special offer' clickable link added to the product ad on the search results page. Users click this link to read an expandable ad containing the details of the advertiser's offer, which contains another clickable link to 'shop the product now', taking users to the website.

Advertisers should also pay close attention to user journey, as highlighted in FoundIt!'s research which shows that although the Shopping volume is high, so is bounce rate - this is because users input search terms which aren't specific, therefore they're likely to want to navigate the site and browse more products. The best fix for this is to work on optimising website navigation and adding recommendations to product pages in order to improve conversion rates via this lucrative channel.

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