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Name: Inderpaul Rai 

Bio: I studied Business Economics (how original...) at university and graduated in 2011. Having always had a keen interest in brand promotion, I flirted between a few marketing assistant roles before focusing on SEO and Paid Search. My zeal for immediate results led me away from SEO and on to a specialised Paid Search role at Greenlight earlier this year.

Describe your role within Greenlight and a summary of what you do.

I'm responsible for the creation and management of Paid Search campaigns for our clients, ensuring that operations are aligned with campaign strategies. Day-to-day optimisation and development of these campaigns are essential for a healthy client account, which means plenty of A/B testing and analysis in order to provide (as well as implement) recommendations. 

What skills do you need in your role?

Paid Search is a very competitive marketplace for most verticals, so creativity is key in order to gain an edge on the competition. Aside from that, communication is very important both internally and externally as all changes to an account, big or small, have almost an immediate effect. Finally, attention to detail (something all those who work in Paid Media have drummed into them from an early age!) is essential, not only to spot campaigns and keywords going by the wayside, but also to spot underlying trends that you can use to further develop your client's account. 

Describe a typical working day...

  • 7am: Rushing to leave my house in order to catch the train for my long commute to London! 
  • 9am: The first hour of my every working day entails a strict health check of all my accounts, checking on performance and making sure budgets are being adhered to. 
  • 11am: By this time I'll have gone through and responded to any outstanding emails, allowing me to do my job and optimise my accounts, as well as build out new campaigns. 
  • 1pm: One of the benefits to working at Greenlight is the free gym membership, so you'll find me there most lunchtimes struggling to build some muscle! 
  • 3pm: Back to optimising! The afternoon tends to be a favourite for internal meetings around strategy too. 
  • 5pm: I hate leaving with work unfinished so around this time I'll be rushing to complete what I've been working on. 
  • 6pm: Zoning out on the train home whilst watching some of my favourite TV shows on my iPad (though with Breaking Bad having just finished, I don't know what else to watch anymore!). 

What do you like/dislike about your job?

As mentioned before, I'm all about immediate results, so what I really love about Paid Search is that there is always analysis to be done on how my accounts are performing (good or bad), and what steps we should take on the back of this. Aside from that, the working environment is great, and the rapport between colleagues here is second to none. For example, I was late to work recently one day due to train delays (the joys of commuting), and as I arrived to my desk this is what I found...

Indi 3

...along with a 'sorry you're leaving' card that most people (including the COO!?) had signed.  So, as you can gather, you need a sense of humour to work here....or maybe I'm just really bad at taking hints?

I think the main thing I dislike about this job is that there are only so many hours in a day, being someone who hates leaving things unfinished it's always an internal struggle having to prioritise some work over others.

What advice would you give to a budding Paid Media Executive?

Starting out I would suggest immersing yourself within the Google Adwords Help Center and look to complete all the Google exams (being officially qualified in Adwords looks great for the CV!). Also I would suggest following all the main blogs on Twitter, such as PPC Hero, Search Engine Land etc. The articles they publish provide invaluable insights into what is a very fast-moving industry.

Whilst experience matters, it's not the be all and end all; the core skills can easily be learnt. What does matter is your curiosity for knowledge and being able to listen to others.

In this job being able to work in a team is as important, if not more so, than being able to work well on your own. As I mentioned before, your strategies need to be in line with your own team as well as the client in order to ensure successful Paid Search accounts.

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