3 interesting ways to display SEO data and information in innovative and strikingly useful ways

SEO practitioners don't typically share their operational methods. Our sector is reliant on gaining competitive advantage through hoarding methods and techniques for just long enough to benefit from them, and then sharing them to gain some love and respect as a bonus.

This also extends to methods for displaying SEO data and visualising performance. For instance, search agencies never willingly allow their reports to be seen by their competitors.

Therefore, I want to break rank somewhat and present three interesting ways to display SEO data and information, methods that I've not seen others use out there and that are increasingly becoming standards within my own companies.

SEOs spend a huge amount of time painstakingly ensuring they are up to date with the latest algorithmic changes, as well as the mania of the actual task of optimisation itself, but little attention is given to what comes after, i.e. presenting the results in interesting, innovative and ultimately strikingly useful ways.

SEOs need to remember that their job isn't done until someone can very quickly see the results and therefore appreciate all the hard work! Read more here.

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