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On Thursday 5th July, Greenlight hosted a Christmas Conference with representatives from some of the biggest Search & Social Media names in the business, including Facebook, YouTube, Sysomos, Google, Kred, Marketwire, Hydra, Criteo and Brandwatch. Each brand was given their own chance to explain how their platform can best be used to maximise online exposure for your Christmas campaigns. 

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Watch Google's Denis Crushell explain how to get the most out of Google this Christmas! Top tips on what you should be doing before, during and after the busy festive period and the growing significance of mobile devices for your online Christmas campaign. "Christmas will be big!"

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Kred's CEO, Andrew Grill, explains the importance of Kred for your brand! Kred is a useful tool for measuring online influence for both companies and social media users. How do you find genuine promoters for your services? Kred offers a solution.

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Ross Hitchenor gives you tips on how to make Marketwire, a growing social communications platform, work for you. Marketwire provides PR alerts, tracking, social media monitoring, content distribution and many other services to enhance company online marketing campaigns. 

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Hydra's Director of Solutions Consulting, Ruth Zohrer, demonstrates how you can manage your online marketing campaigns on One platform. Hydra gives best-practice suggestions for retailers to implement during the busy Christmas period from a Search point of view. Should retailers use an integrated strategy? How should companies balance its budget? "Avoid following the herd". 

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Fintan Gillespie gives some amazing insight into how to make YouTube work for you this Christmas. Many useful tips are shared in this video for companies looking to use YouTube for Christmas campaigns such as: tagging, embedding, video content and creation, campaign schedules, thumbnails, popular query searches and enhancing your channel. "Online is becoming an essential part of Christmas gift research"

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Jon Hudson, explains how Criteo, a global leader in performance display, offers a full service solution to extend the performance, simplicity and control of Search to display. Criteo shares information on all its products and services, such as personalised advertisements and data analysis, which can improve efficiency for advertisers during the busy Christmas period.

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Bryan Tookey gives interesting insight into how you can make the best of the Social Media monitoring tool, Brandwatch. What are people saying about your company? What are social media users interested in? Brandwatch filters out the noise and gives you the information back in useful, bite-size chunks and demographics.  

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Catherine Flynn gives some great tips and insight into how you can get the most out of Facebook this Christmas! Facebook gives advice to companies looking to secure a more influential position in social marketing: Who is your company connected to? How are you engaging with your fans? Are you regularly interacting with your fans? How can you use the social graph to power your business? 

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Q &A

The Conference ends with a Q & A session between the panelists and audience. "Fans are not just for Christmas". 

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