Greenlight/Google Conference: The Buying Cycle

Watch the Greenlight/ Google Conference: The Buying Cycle below:

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Chapter 1 - Joint introduction

Greenlight CEO, Warren Cowan and Mark Howe, Google Managing Director of Northern & Central Europe, discuss the evolution of search over the past 20 years and why it is now more than ever, crucial to gain a greater understanding of the attribution process.

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 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Attribution

Gabriel Hughes, Google Attribution Research Lead EMEA, discusses the problem of attribution and shows how the 'last click' is not necessarily the whole story.

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 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Bid Management

Tushar Balsara, Industry Head Of Bid Mangement Tools at Google, explains the importance of bid management and talks about automated bid management, single vs multi dimensional bid managememnt and bid tuning framework.

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 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 -Google Wallet

Google's Strategic Partner Manager of eCommerce, Florence Diss, talks about the transformation of online payments and how Google Wallet is transforming the space of mobile transactions.

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 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Conversion

Shane Cassells, Web Conversion Specialist at Google, explains what happens after the first click and gives advice on how to keep customers on your website.

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 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)

Harry Davies, Solution Speciailist at Google, discusses how you can now influence shopping in the real world through online channels.

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 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Google +

Google Agency Head, Matt Bush demonstrates the endless possibilities available with Google + and he explains how powerful a tool it can be for online marketers.

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 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Invite Media

Biren Kalaria, Head of Invite Media UK, attempts to demistify the subject of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and provides useful and insightful data into Real Time Bidding and Ad Exchanges.

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 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Panel Q&A

Google's Country Sales Director, UK Search Director and Attribution Research Lead EMEA alongside Greenlight's Director of Paid MEdia and Client Services Director sit down and reflect on the topics discussed throughout the Greenlight/Google Conference.

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Conference Slides

The slide deck which was used throughout the Greenlight/ Google Conference: The Buying Cycle.

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