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Mariana has been working in digital for five years, focusing on clients with international expansions using her unique cultural background and knowledge of four languages. As Greenlight's Head of PPC, she manages a team of Senior Search Managers, Paid Media Managers and a pool of analysts. Her area of expertise is in Paid Media and at the agency she is responsible for advising on, devising and leading international strategy and multilingual client campaigns across online paid media channels including search, display and social. Mariana has experience across multiple verticals with luxury retail, publishing and telecoms being at the top having worked with global clients such as NET-A-PORTER, Space NK and The Associated Press. 

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Closing the gap on relevant search: Close keyword variants and what they mean to you.

Google announced this morning they will be enforcing the close variant feature at the end of September. While the news suggests advertisers will have more control over their campaigns, the reality is we actually lose control and potentially see some budget wastage as a result.

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