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Jonathan is a Paid Media Analyst, sitting within the Paid Media team at Greenlight Digital.


Boost Shopping Performance By Using Audiences

Boost Shopping Performance By Using Audiences

It can’t be said enough: Google Shopping is becoming an increasingly popular tool for both advertisers and consumers. Consequently, a rising number of retailers are shifting budgets towards Shopping and competition is increasing – meaning rising costs-per-click (CPCs) and more obstacles to a healthy impression share. As a result, effective and efficient targeting is the key to reducing those costs, as well as maximising revenue and efficiencies.

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Facebook launches its mobile focused ad format ‘collection’

Facebook launches its mobile focused ad format ‘collection’

Last week, Facebook announced the launch of a new mobile focused ad format called ‘collection’, which the social network will release together with a new set of performance metrics in order to allow advertisers the ability to effectively measure ad performance. With the introduction of this format, Facebook continues the trend of creating mobile focused ads which are integrated into the news feed, rather than taking users to an external site straight away.

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