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Dan is a Senior SEO Executive within the SEO team at Greenlight.


The Connected Home: Alexa

The Connected Home: Alexa

The internet of things; the connected home; smart homes – these are all ways of describing a new environment in which things, devices other than computers, are internet-enabled and interactive. As with many digital concepts, it’s something we’ve talked about for many years now without necessarily seeing much evidence of it entering the reality of day-to-day life.

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The changing face of mobile search results

The changing face of mobile search results

Over the past few weeks, Google has made a number of changes to the appearance of the search results page for mobile users – technically and aesthetically – moving towards what they hope will be a better experience for users. Some of these changes are much more significant than others, but combined, they will undoubtedly change the way we focus our search marketing efforts.

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