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Top Stories October 2008

Google U-turns on gambling policy by Hannah Kimuyu We have to confess we weren't all that surprised to hear today's leaked news that Google plans to reverse its gambling policy tomorrow (Friday 17 October, when the announcement will be officially made). In a complete about-turn, the sear...

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Five little-known search marketing tips for the travel sector

Watch your business reap the benefits as you apply each of our handy, up-to-the-minute SEO & PPC tips.


1. Get your singulars and plurals right

Whether to target singular or plural versions of specific search terms is not an issue in paid search; the more search term variations the better...

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Searching for responses to a crisis

In Mandarin the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters; one represents danger, the other opportunity. It's these polarised realities that should form the backbone of any strategy for dealing with the whole gamut of possible calamities that could befall your business. The immediacy of search...

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