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Do you still need Pay per Click if you’re strong naturally?

The correct answer is Yes however, the general consensus tends to be No. There are two myths which suggest that if you're strong naturally you just don't need paid search, creating the perception that too much of the same brand at the top will cause a negative effect to your click-thru rate. Or, as the other suggests, ranking well naturally and through paid search has a direct financial or credible effect on your performance, e.g. you can climb the rankings or earn a lower cost-per-click. Unfortunately, both perceptions are wrong, but there is room to be visible for both paid and natural search with the same terms, if you have the right strategy in place.

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Blog Posts

Exploiting Universal Search Part 1

Last month I focused on Google's evolving user interface and how the incorporation of multimedia elements into Google's search results (called Universal or Integrated Search) represents the biggest series of user interface changes at Google since the launch of AdWords. This evolution has brought with it an increasingly aggressive incorporation of images, videos, maps, and more into Google's standard search results pages, making it imperative that websites optimise those different data types to exploit the increasing levels of traffic they are delivering.

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