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After the Goldrush: Counting up the cost of social

Social media predictions tend towards superficial chatter about the rise and fall of channels – with every self-proclaimed social media ‘ninja’ or ‘guru’ claiming the inside line. The tides will surely come and wash away the underperformers with predictable regularity, but the next social tsunami will appear with little warning.

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Home and Garden

Home and Garden Sector Report, Issue 1, August 2013

A 360˚ analysis of the most important search terms, trends and benchmarking data in the online Home & Garden sector. This report provides an exclusive snapshot of the online search and social media market for your sector right now. From the size of your potential audience to the top performing companies, it's all here. Product focus: Decor, Furniture, Garden, Homeware

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Integrated search and digital strategies a MUST in a competitive multi-channel and multi-device marketplace

A fully Integrated digital search strategy is a difficult thing to achieve but is a must for all digital marketers in a competitive multi-channel and multi-device marketplace. The siloed approach needs to change and needs to be driven from the top. C-level employees need to realise that to deliver an integrated strategy, all departments need to be aligned to work towards the business’s goals. To really embrace it, a business needs to be ambitious and courageous.

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